Sunday August 28, 2011
Sunday’s meeting against the Sheffield Saints who are currently third in the league turned out to be the most successful meeting of the season for the Buxton Hitmen who managed to get a spectacular win against a tough side.

The Hitmen knew how important it was to score as many points as possible after the one point defeat against Kings Lynn the other week, so kick started the meeting with two successive 5-1’s. Unfortunately heat two saw a spectacular crash by Saint’s rider Adam Kirby who crashed into the fence and had to be taken to hospital with a suspected broken hand.

This also meant a long delay while the fence was mended however when the racing got back underway the Hitmen carried on keeping the scores in their favour.

Both heat seven and eight saw the Saints try to claw back some points with tactical rides, however the Buxton side kept them out of the game by being first over the line so the scores of 4-4 kept the Buxton team in charge of the meeting. It was then a matter of finishing races for the lads who were 34-18 ahead of the visitors.

Heat thirteen and fourteen were raced in heavy downpours and the meeting was brought to a close before heat fifteen could be run but the Hitmen were victorious with a 55-33 win against the league title contenders.

Team manager Jack Lee was ecstatic with his team’s performance. “It was a long time coming but it came. It was a really good effort today from the boys if they had rode like that at the start of the season then we would be somewhere at the top of the league now instead of at the bottom.

It was a good effort from everybody, they all rode well and it paid dividends as we got a good win from it. We thought Sheffield were going to be a big threat to us as they have quite a few riders who ride premier league but our boys beat them so you can’t take it away from us, we did a good job today. Going off the bounce from today Tuesday could be a good day for us too against Dudley so if we can reproduce this form from today on Tuesday we could go there and win it. It’s made a big difference to us today having all our team scoring on the same day which is what I have been saying all season needed to happen, today everybody put a good effort in and scored points and you can’t knock any of the team, it was nice to go in the changing room afterwards and see everyone smiling for a change, if we can keep this up for the rest of the season now it would be great.”

The Hitmen are next in action on Tuesday in Wolverhampton against the Dudley Heathens, Then on Friday at Stoke against the Potters. On Saturday Buxton riders Adam Allott and Robert Branford will be competing in the National League Riders Championship at Rye House. There is no home fixture this week instead at the Buxton Speedway track will be a short track meeting.


HITMEN 55: Robert Branford 11+1, Adam Allott 9+1, Ben Taylor 9+1, Dean Felton 8+2, Luke Priest 8+2, Ryan Blacklock 5+2, Paul Burnett 5.

SHEFFIELD 33: Steve Worrall 12, John Oliver 12, Lee Smethills 4, Adam Wrathall 3+2, Gary Irving 2, Adam Kirby 0, Richie Worrall R/R.

Abandoned after Heat 14 due to rain - Result stands