Sunday September 18, 2011
It was another successful Sunday for the Buxton Hitmen who had a great home win over visitors the Isle of Wight.

The team got straight on with business with a 5-1 from Adam Allott and Dean Felton in heat one. Heat two and three both had scores of 3-3. Heat four saw another 5-1 this time from Robert Branford and Ryan Blacklock. Another two 3-3’s followed and a 4-2. The Isle of Wight side then needed to use a tactical ride to try and get back in the game however what should have been a 1-8 for the visitors backfired as the wrong rider went over the line first giving the Islanders a 1-7.

The Hitmen followed with two 5-1’s putting the away side behind again 37-25. The Islanders tried to hit back with another tactical ride but Robert Branford was first over the line so a 3-4 was what they came away with and a score of 40-29 a steep hill to climb if they wanted to make a bigger impression in the final four heats.

However the Hitmen who seem to have warmed up now with a string if wins under their belts kept the scores coming. Ryan Blacklock followed in heat twelve with his first ever home heat win.

A great moment for the team as Ryan has been popular this season with the fans and fellow riders having started the season a rookie and growing into a valuable scorer.

Team Manger Jack Lee spoke after the meeting about Ryan: “It’s great to see a rider coming through that started the season a rookie and by the end of the season started winning races. It was also nice to see Craig Cook come down today to support him. Ryan is a protégé of Craig’s so it’s great for him to see how he’s getting on and how much he has progressed this season.”

Heat thirteen followed with a 4-2 and then a 3-3 in fourteen before the Hitmen finished the meeting in style with a 5-1 from Robert Branford and Ben Taylor. The end score of 57-36 was a great day’s work for the Buxton team. Mr Lee said he was pleased that the meeting was able to finish not only with the win:

“We were lucky to get through the meeting today before the rain hit us too hard, we had to stop mid way to let it blow over and to grade the track but luckily we got going again and finished with a great win too. Newport is next and it’s our last league meeting of the season so we are again looking to win it and hopefully if we can do that then we will go out of this season on a high.”

There is no meeting this week but the boys are back in action on Sunday the 2nd of October against Newport. Then Buxton is in for a real treat on Sunday the 9th as the Americans are back in town to end the season with a different format of Speedway, keep checking the various channels for more information soon.

Buxton : 57: Robert Branford 15, Ben Taylor 11+1, Adam Allott 8+1, Dean Felton 7+2, Luke Priest 7+2, Ryan Blacklock 6+2, Paul Burnett 3

Isle of Wight: 36: Luke Chessell 10+2, Nick Simmons 7+1, Gary Cottham 6+1, Paul Starke 5, Rob Smith 4+1, Danny Warwick 4, Scott Day 0