Friday August 21, 2015
Although a 12 point lead coming into this tie looked a handy starting point for this second leg the Kings Lynn Youngstars were ultimately too strong for a Hitmen side without dependable second string Steven Jones.

The home side effectively wiped out their deficit by the half way mark of this meeting with their impressive reserve Josh Bailey in top form. The four maximum heat advantages achieved by the Youngstars swaying the tie in their favour.

The final gap between the teams was a mere 4 points and that was due in no small part to a 15 point maximum from Coventry’s Dan Greenwood guesting for the absent Liam Carr.

‘He was simply faultless’ commented Team manager Jason Pipe who for once was pretty speechless after the defeat. ‘We lost this in the first leg when we were leading by 16 points and let them back into the tie. We missed Stevie (Jones) tonight only recording 2 points from his rider replacement rides and Ryan (Blacklock) has been ill and looked off the pace too. Tom (Woolley) needs to trust his own judgement more and not rely on others telling him about setups. All the guys know what they have to do and we will come back stronger this Sunday to chase our hopes of a gold cup place’

Ryan Blacklock had been suffering from flu-like symptoms all week ‘I had no energy out there tonight and if it had been yesterday I couldn’t have ridden. It’s disappointing but I will be on it against Rye House on Sunday’ commented the popular Cumbrian.

The race for fourth place in Gold Cup looks wide open with any of the bottom 7 teams in contention. Buxton continue their quest at home against Rye House this Sunday (3.00pm) and next Sunday away to Mildenhall.

KING’S LYNN 53: Josh Bailey 12+3, Tom Stokes 12, Ryan Kinsley 9+1, Scott Campos 8, Jake Knight 6+2, Shane Hazelden 4+1, Layne Cupitt 2+1

BUXTON 37: Dan Greenwood 15, Tony Atkin 9, Ryan Blacklock 5, Tom Woolley 4+2, David Speight 3, Ben Basford 1+1, Steve Jones r/r

King’s Lynn win 92-88 on aggregate