Sunday August 23, 2015
Buxton Manager Jason Pipe refused to concede that his team’s Gold Cup aspirations had disappeared following this crushing home defeat in a rain-effected match at Hi-Edge.

The meeting was always close with no more than 2 points between the teams in the first 7 heats then the home team began to pull away building up a 6 point lead by heat 9. Although the threatened rain was restricted to drizzle and the odd shower as the riders lined-up for the start of heat 12, with just 2 points again the gap following two heat advantages for the visitors in heats 10 and 11, Referee Margaret Vardy deemed the rain too heavy to continue and the riders returned to the pits.

Following a lengthy stoppage where the rain continued to fall and where all riders were consulted the track was deemed fit to continue racing.

‘We (Buxton) were not happy to ride, in my opinion the track wasn’t safe to race. Sure we were 2 points up but even Andrew Silver (Rye House Manager) could see our point of view. The Rye House team wanted to continue and the rain did stop briefly but the damage to the track surface had been done’ commented Pipe.

The final four heats swung the way of the visitors resulting in a 6 point victory but even those heats weren’t without incident and heat 14 with the Hitmen on a 5 -1 to tie-up the match score David Speight fell whilst leading claiming he had to go wide to avoid Luke Chessell on the first bend of lap 3. Chessell had fallen got back on continued briefly before being lapped and causing Speight to go out into the wet material on the bend and fall. He remounted and claimed a point but the league points were all but lost.

‘I definitely had to go wide to avoid him (Chessell) and laid the bike down to stop myself falling. It was a pity because it would have been my best score yet for Buxton’ said Speight afterwards.

Manager Pipe was both frustrated and disappointed in equal measures ‘I said following the match against Kent that it was my lowest point as Buxton team boss but I think that has just eclipsed that. To be honest the last few heats were a farce and it has cost us. That said I still believe we can grab that last Gold Cup spot yes we will pretty much have to win all our remaining matches but given our September line up including our new signing I believe we are capable of doing it!’

Rye House have almost half their matches still to race and must believe they have a chance to grab the final place themselves. Rob Branford was untouchable during this meeting and was well supported by Luke Priest and Kyle Hughes.

There is no match at Hi-Edge next Sunday as the Hitmen are at Mildenhall. Racing returns to the Dales on 6th September where Cradley are the visitors.

BUXTON 42: Tony Atkin 11, Ryan Blacklock 9, David Speight 8, Lee Payne 6+1, Tom Woolley 4, Steve Jones 3, Ryan MacDonald 1.

RYE HOUSE 48: Robert Branford 14+1, Kyle Hughes 11+1, Luke Priest 11, Alfie Bowtell 4, George Hunter 4, Sam Woods 2+1, Luke Chessell 2.