Wednesday May 25, 2016
Forget the score or even the performance this evening. The only real winner was the weather that turned a highly anticipated encounter into a real lottery.

Hitmen Team Manager Jason Pipe really had to bite his tongue as he spoke post-match.

‘I really don't know how to put this meeting in to words without facing a slap on the wrist from the powers that be!! But I'll try! It should never have gone ahead. When I arrived at the track at 5.15pm it was drizzling with rain then and it was like that until I left the track at 9.45pm, with maybe 2 or 3 gaps when it wasn't drizzling for around 5 mins. The track would have been good and grippy had it stayed dry but the constant drizzle just made it terrible to ride. Riders from both teams were struggling to adapt and stay on. It was agreed we'd start the meeting and try and get to heat 10. Once we got to heat 10 I was asked what I wanted to do and I said let's call it off. I spoke to the referee who said if all 14 riders agree, then we'll call it, but you had the Kings Lynn riders wanting to ride and the Buxton riders didn't.’

The Manager’s concern was injury to his charges and he was just happy for the team to come through unscathed

‘The whole meeting I kept telling them to use their heads and not do anything silly. You couldn't race on that track. It was a case of just holding on. When we were told we'd have to carry on beyond heat 10, I just told my riders to go round and make up the numbers and just go round for 4 laps. It was no fun for them to go out there on a very difficult track like that. Had that been an EL fixture, i do honestly believe that it would of been abandoned or not started at all! I just hope there wasn't any new fans witnessing speedway for the first time last night and I feel sorry the fans who paid their money to watch and they had to view that farce. It was a lottery out there and there was only a pass if someone slid off or slowed right down.’

Only Oliver Greenwood won a race for the visitors but the other bright spark was debutant Lewis Whitmore.

‘I was very impressed by Lewis Whitmore, making his NL debut with Buxton, after just turning 15 on Tuesday. I can't believe that Lewis didn't score more than his 2 points, as he deserved more for his efforts. I do know from speaking to few riders in our team, they were very impressed with Lewis also.’

To compound matters there were a few machine problems for the Hitmen which gave cause for concern with a busy period of racing coming up beginning with the visit of the Cradley Heathens in the KO Cup this Sunday (29th May) 3.00pm start.

KING’S LYNN 62: Tom Stokes 12+1, Josh Bailey 11+1, Nathan Greaves 11, Scott Campos 10+2, Shane Hazelden 8+1, Ryan Kinsley 7+3, Layne Cupitt 3+2.

BUXTON 27: Oliver Greenwood 10, Jade Mudgway 5, Ryan Burton 4+1, Ryan Blacklock 3, Lee Geary 2, Lewis Whitmore 2, Shelby Rutherford 1+1.