Thursday August 03, 2017
The Hitmen snatched a dramatic last heat win on the Island to not only gain their first away win of the season but to complete a double over the Warriors.

The meeting was a personal success for reserve Ryan Kinsley who returned a season best of 13+1 from 7 rides. The match was a close affair with each of the first seven heats being shared before the home side took an advantage in heat 8. The business end of the meeting was always looking better for Buxton with Talismen Williamson and Clegg featuring in a number of the final heats but it was a vital win for skipper Tom Woolley in heat 12 that proved pivotal, particularly when home pairing Coles and Wilson gained an unexpected advantage in the very next heat over Williamson and Clegg.

In Heat 14 Kinsley held off Widman and the Buxton top two completed the perfect comeback as they snatched the lead for the first time in the final Heat.

Buxton Boss Jason Pipe added ‘We are delighted as we always felt we could get something from these meetings. If we are serious about lifting ourselves off the bottom of the league we must aim to take points from the teams around us. We now go to Devon with added confidence of achieving something there too’

Buxton move on to the mainland for the second leg of their southern tour against Plymouth tomorrow evening.

ISLE OF WIGHT 44: Connor Coles 12, James Cockle 9+1, Chris Widman 8+3, Ben Wilson 8, Adam Portwood 6+3, Jamie Sealey 1+1, Scott Campos r/r

BUXTON 46: Matt Williamson 14, Ryan Kinsley 13+1, Max Clegg 10+1, Tom Woolley 5+1, Jamie Halder 2, Ben Woodhull 1+1, Lee Geary 1

National League points: Isle of Wight 0 Buxton 3