Sunday September 03, 2017
A huge twist at both ends of the National League table at West Row Suffolk on Sunday Sunday.

No one gave bottom of the table Buxton any chance at Play-off chasing Mildenhall except team boss Jason Pipe who had total faith in his septet.

The afternoon began badly for Mildenhall when reserve Danno Verge ‘flipped’ his bike during the parade lap and following examination from local paramedic was unfit to take his place in the meeting. He was replaced by William O’Keefe and this proved a great leveller with the home side already being without Luke Riddick and operating RR in his absence. However, take nothing away from the Dalesmen this was a superb team performance and they were well worth their two league points and it could have been 3.

The meeting started well for the Hitmen and they were 8 points up by heat 6 a lead they held until heat 8 when the Fen Men started to chip away pulling level at Heat 13 leaving the visitors to hold their nerve in the final two heats grab the draw. Heat 11 looked like a pivotal result and Boss Jason Pipe knows he could have changed things there as he recalled later

‘Personally, I'm very annoyed with myself and I'll hold my hands up and admit that I cost the team 1 league point, as I was going to make a change in Heat 11 and then I changed my mind! Letting my heart rule my head! We live and learn and I won't be making that mistake again. I just hope that 1 lost point isn't a point that doesn't see us get off the foot of that table by the end of the season!’

‘It wasn't a result many people in Speedway were expecting! I myself wasn't surprised at all. We are a good side when we have our full team together. Just having both Matt and Max in the side gives the rest of the lads a big lift and you can see them giving it that little bit more effort. I'm not going to single out any rider for praise because every one of my riders from number 1 down to number 7 contributed to this great away draw. It was a great 'team' performance and we showed how good our team spirit can be and how much they want to get off the bottom of that league. Before the meeting I asked the lads to take the meeting to them from the start and not to be easily pushed aside and let Mildenhall know they weren't going to be in for an easy time! They knew it was a place they could do well at and I reminded them of what Kent did there a couple of weeks prior. I also reminded them of what their job was to do and everyone turned in performances I was very happy with. Yes we also had some luck on the day. But the way our luck has gone for nearly 2 seasons now, no one can begrudge us those 2 league points!

He saved his final thought for the luckless Verge ‘I'd like to send my best wishes to Danno Verge and hope he has a quick recovery after he came off the bike on the parade lap and then couldn't take his part in the meeting. This was one of my much better days as team manager of Buxton Speedway!’

MILDENHALL 45: Connor Mountain 12, Jon Armstrong 11+1, Dan Halsey 9+2, Jordan Jenkins 9, Alex Spooner 4, William O’Keefe 0, Luke Ruddick r/r.

BUXTON 45: Matt Williamson 12, Jamie Halder 8+2, Max Clegg 8, Ryan Kinsley 7+1, Tom Woolley 5+1, Lee Geary 3+1, Shelby Rutherford 2+1.