Sunday September 17, 2017
The Hitmen themselves are not involved in the play-off chase but on Sunday they had a big impact on the final outcome of their make-up with two tremendous results in a thrilling double header against firstly Lakeside then a fantastic last heat decider against Kent Kings.

Against Lakeside the Hitmen were simply sharper and their scoring ran straight through the team with the reserves proving pivotal in a comprehensive victory. Despite being without regular number 1 Matt Williamson they found a more than adequate replacement in old fans favourite Liam Carr who turned in a paid maximum. He was ably supported by Max Clegg who top scored.

The second meeting proved a much closer affair with the visitors having to make do with a point in a really close match. It was left to Clegg and Carr to steer the Hitmen home. Team boss Jason Pipe was overjoyed at both results that lifted the home side off the bottom of the National League.

‘I've always said Speedway is full of surprises and always expect the unexpected. Today was one of those days. Hardly anybody in the world of Speedway thought we would win one home meeting, let alone win both of them! All the lads gave it that little bit extra, which was asked of them in our pre-meeting track walk. I could tell from the moment I saw all my riders and after having had a good track walk and a chat together, that all of them were really up for it, more than ever and I was getting those positive vibes that I hadn't yet sensed yet this season from every rider at the same time in one meeting for us. All I told them to do was relax and enjoy it and use their heads, as we were the underdogs in both meetings and just try to not pick up too many last places. From a total of 30 races, we only had a last place in 10 of them, which made a big difference. Liam Carr was a fantastic guest covering for Matt and once again he showed a liking for the Buxton track and Max showed that we can rely on him when we need to. I always had the confidence that we were always going to beat Lakeside because of their weaknesses at reserve and at number 2, especially away from home. I told the riders that we couldn't settle for anything less than 5-1's for us in both Heats 2 and 8 and our riders came up trumps with what was required in those Heats! I love it when a plan comes together! I always knew Kent would give us a hard meeting and after their win at Eastbourne last night, I honestly didn't expect the outcome we got today! To be fair, we had lots of good fortune in this meeting. But I'll take that good fortune all day long and no one can begrudge us that good fortune, after all the bad luck we've had this season and also last season. It's about time Buxton had some good fortune! In Heat 11 Max's cut out came out whilst leading, as the clip on his race bib got caught and then in the very next heat, whilst leading, Kyle Bickley's cut out came out! This one was a very close meeting throughout and credit to Kent, they gave it a really good go and it was only the good fortune we received in Heats 12, 13 and 14, that gave us the edge and to win it by 4 points.’

‘Beating both these teams, just shows you how well our riders performed from the number 1 position, right through to the number 7 position. It was also really pleasing to see Shelby come back in to the team and turning back the clock to how he was riding for us towards the 2nd half of last season. I asked him to do a particular job and he did it. So I'm very happy for him this evening. Having Jamie Halder at reserve also makes a big difference as Jamie is always going to score points in that position and I'd like to thank him and his Dad Shaun for being at Buxton and accepting the booking. Jamie was riding at Plymouth on Friday night and also rode in a double header at Eastbourne last might and still travelled up to Buxton to do a great job for us, though understandably very tired at the end. It's good to see him picking up those points and back to enjoying his racing again. These 6 points today seen us eventually climb off the bottom of the table and take us to 3rd bottom, which has given the whole club a huge lift today and we are just wanting to get on with our last 2 meetings now at home to Plymouth and away at Stoke. After today, I've now set our lads a target of winning these last 2 meetings, which we can do. It would be great if we could end the season on such a high and how good would that be to end the season and having the statistic over the last 5 meetings of Raced 5, Won 4, Drew 1, lost 0! It can be achieved and after, I can't see either of those 2 teams looking forward to riding against us at the moment. I'm very proud of every one of my riders this evening and it's just a shame the season isn't just starting! We can't wait to go in to our next meeting now! I've said already today was a real team effort but I must also single out those mechanics that also work tirelessly in those pits. They are just as much a vital part of this team like the riders. For me mechanics don't get praised enough for what they do. A lot of the time the fans just see the rider and not the mechanic. It's the mechanics who make sure that the riders can go and perform like that out on track. The Buxton track also really rode very well today and that also has to be praised. So, a big thank you to Richard Moss and Josh Moss for providing a good race track today and not one bit of dust. That track was awesome’

BUXTON 53: Max Clegg 14, Liam Carr 13+2, Tom Woolley 7+1, Jamie Halder 5+3, Ryan Kinsley 5+1, Shelby Rutherford 5, Lee Geary 4.
LAKESIDE 37: Paul Hurry 10, Ben Morley 10, Luke Bowen 7, Luke Priest 6+2, Jamie Couzins 3, Nick Laurence 1, Alex Spooner 0.

BUXTON 47: Max Clegg 13, Liam Carr 9+1, Jamie Halder 7+1, Tom Woolley 6+1, Ryan Kinsley 5+1, Shelby Rutherford 4, Lee Geary 3+2.
KENT 43: George Hunter 12, Luke Bowen 10, Dan Greenwood 6+1, Kyle Bickley 5+2, Jack Thomas 5, Anders Rowe 4+2, Carl Basford 1