Thursday July 26, 2018
BUXTON lost out 58-32 to the Isle of Wight Warriors in the Travel Plus National League at the Smallbrook Stadium on Thursday night as they put up a spirited display against the Warriors.

The Hitmen had a slow start to the meeting as the Warriors powered to a 4-2 and two maximum 5-1 heat advantages in the opening three heats before Connor Coles who was retuning from injury for the Hitmen gained victory over Danno Verge and Shaun Tedham as the Hitmen trailed 17-7 after the opening four races.

A couple of further heat advantages for the home side saw the Warriors open up a 16-point lead before Coles gained his second heat win of the night beating Warriors skipper Scott Campos into second place with Buxton skipper Tom Woolley taking third place for a Hitmen 4-2 leaving the Derbyshire club trailing 28-14 after seven heats.

Verge and Tedham combine for a 4-2 to restore the Warriors 16-point lead in the next race before the Buxton riders started to adapt to the big Smallbrook Stadium track with Ben Wilson taking the chequered flag for his first win of the night and Coles and Woolley taking the minor positions behind Danny Ayres in heat ten for a couple of drawn heats with the Hitmen still trailing the Warriors 38-22.

Three 4-2 heat advantages and a 5-1 saw the Warriors seal victory against the Hitmen with positives coming from the Buxton side with the return of Conor Coles from injury as he scored 10+1 with Ben Wilson top scoring for the Hi-Edge based side with 12-points.

Team manager Joshua Moss commented “We put up a battling display especially when you think that the lads have not ridden for nearly three weeks and this is a big track here at the Isle of Wight. We had more race wins on the night which is a positive as is having Connor Coles back especially scoring paid 11-points on his return to action and Ben Wilson top scoring for us.”

ISLE OF WIGHT 58: Danny Ayres 17+1, Taylor Hampshire 14+1, Scott Campos 9+1, Danno Verge 8+1, Shaun Tedham 6+2, Jamie Bursill 4+1, Alfie Bowtell r/r
BUXTON 32: Ben Wilson 12, Connor Coles 10+2, Tom Woolley 6, Lewis Whitmore 2, Kieran Douglas 1, Corban Pavitt 1, Sam Woolley (No8) 0, James Cockle r/r
National League points: Ilse of Wight 3 Buxton 0